Useful Information

Before the tour

  • Make sure you’ve chosen a tour suited to your skills and expectations: our customers are all
    different and we do our best for your enjoyment with LANDE.
  • Remember that cycling can be dangerous. Be careful.
  • Listen the guide suggests about safety and riding.
  • make sure you have a valid document with you, few euros, a cellphone, a windproof jacket, goggles, helmet and gloves; sunscreen and emergency medications if you need (antiallergic etc.)
  • Check that your clothing is suitable; the guides may not start the tour if they thing your equipment is inadequate. What you need: for short rides, comfortable shorts are enough; we do not recommend cotton t-shirts because once wet, they need a long time to dry; if possible use a technical t-shirt; You need necessarily sports shoes. If your choice is a long ride, we also raccomend bike shorts with cycling pad. In MTB tours we suggest protection for knees and elbows.
  • Make sure you have guide’s phone number with you.

During the exit

  • Respect the rules explained during the briefing. Always respect the road’s rules.
  • Enjoy yourself, it’s not a race, ride safly, ask to your guide how improve your performance, if you want.
  • Notify your guide if you have any physical problems.
  • Notify your guide if your bike has problems, don’t try to fix it yourself.
  • Drink and eat regularly during the tour.

After the exit

  • Give your feedback to the guide and ask what he recommends to improve your abilities.
  • Return any material.
  • Do not leave immediately, take a few minutes, have a drink or eat an ice cream
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