La via delle Panchine Giganti

La via delle Panchine Giganti - Photo

(gravel, road, e-bike) – Easy commitment

Duration 3/4 hours

In the Piedmont countryside between Langhe Monferrato, Unesco territories towards the Big Bench to admire the immense panorama that every season the variety of colors, shapes and local specialties make this trip unforgettable.

The itineraries include countries such as: Alice Bel Colle –Strevi – Maranzana (Paese dei Babaci) – Ricaldone (Country of Luigi Tenco), Santo Stefano Belbo (on the edge of the Langhe), Cassinasco – Canelli (well protected by Unesco) , Bistagno, Montabone (Medieval village in an enchanting position),  e Castel Boglione (Asti Langa).

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