• Enrico Pizzorni

    ENRICO PIZZORNI - Director

    “When you go on a cycling holiday, everything looks so different. In a car you are always in a compartment and because you’re used to it you don’t realise that through that car window everything you see is just more TV. You are a passive observer and everything you see is moving by you boringly in a frame. On a bicycle that frame is gone. You completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.” This phrase that I stole from Robert Pirsig has been my creed for over thirty years.

    After having experienced all types of cycling from granfondo to international mountain bike races and having driven nearly 200 tours for the Ciclismo Classico company, I have decided that there is no nicer place than home territory to continue and to grow that passion for discovery by bike so I am here, more than ready to be your guide or to create for you your next discovery by bike.

  • Sergio Piva


    A cyclist with 30 years of riding experience, ten as a racer from cross country to DH and a Piedmont Championship and ending up with a couple of seasons in enduro. He has comprehensive knowledge of the lower Monferrato and Langhe regions where he rides on a weekly basis with his e-bike or gravel.

  • Massimo Morfino


    I discovered my new passion thanks to e-bikes. In a really short time I was able to build up my experience as a cyclist, mastering the local countryside that I have known since my childhood. I am so lucky to live in this wonderful area and being an MTB guide gives me the chance to lead visitors on professional excursions. If you want to discover this region that is full of beauty, good food and wine and stunning landscapes and trails.

  • Gianni Bobbio


    Growing up and living in this fantastic area with its wonderful countryside is the dream of every cyclist. Being an MTB guide means I can lead cycling tourists in complete safety whilst respecting the environment, making the most of the use of mountain bikes. My comprehensive knowledge of this region blended with MTB experience will make your time here an unforgettable sporting adventure.

  • Riccardo Pizzorni


    Since I was a young boy, a passion for two wheels has been imprinted onto me and over those years I have developed it to include different formats, from competitive racing to bikepacking, from touring to trail maintenance. The desire to discover new places by bicycle has always been with me and becoming an MTB guide has been the best way to nurture this passion.

  • Davide Ivaldi


    I have been a cycling enthusiast since my first road races when I was eight until ten years ago when, thanks to a group of local friends, I discovered the wonderful world of MTB. When I finished racing I became an F.C.I. instructor, training a local team of young bikers. Now with a wealth of technical and practical skills, I decided to become an MTB guide at the Accademia Italiana di MTB, so I can help you discover this wonderful area.

  • Francesco Maiorana


    Born in January 1978, I am a pharmacist. When I’m not working I enjoy planning outdoor activities. My father was a keen cyclist and he imbued me with that same passion. I practice mountain biking in all its different forms but also gravel and road cycling. I am a real enthusiast about bike-tech and I fix and fine tune my bicycles. Since 2020 I have a qualified guide of the Accademia Italiana di MTB.

  • Fabio Medico


    It all started 20 years ago as a joke with a cheap bike that I bought from a supermarket which lasted just a few months.

    I switched to a DH bike without anyone to teach me and went on a cycling holiday in Pula with some friends and returned home battered and bruised from all the falls! Since then my passion for mountain biking has never left me.

    I have ridden from enduro to cross country to road cycling and been able to discover and appreciate all the nature and beauty that this region has to offer. Today I would like to share all this with you, taking you to breath-taking places surrounded by nature and history.

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