Lande Bike Rides

LANDA: distesa aperta (italiano)

LAND: the solid part of the surface of the earth as distinct from seas, lakes, etc. (british english)

L'ANDE: la rottura dell'inerzia/ il ritmo nell'azione (dialetto acquese)

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From “road bikes” to e-bikes, LANDE bikerides will take you by the hand and we will help you find an undiscovered landscape whatever your level of cycling ability and your interests. If it can be done on two wheels, we'll do it!

Do you want to discover the rolling vineyard-clad hills of the Monferrato and Langhe, talk to some of the best producers of our renowned local delicacies, learn about the secrets of the truffle?

Do you want to go mountain biking on some of the best trails?

You can choose between customised programmes covering gravel, e-bikes, MTB and racing bikes.

LANDE bikerides, with some 30 years experience in bike tourism, has a range of packages to suit all ages and all levels.

LANDE bikerides is an association of mountain bike guides based in Acqui Terme, in the Monferrato district of Piedmont; its partners are all holders of the certificate of competence in Mountain Bike Guiding awarded by the Accademia Nazionale di Mountain Bike of Milan and have years of experience in the creation and management of events, bike trails and mountain bike itineraries.

The objectives of the Association are varied but have as a common denominator the use of the bicycle as an environmentally sustainable, cultural and enjoyable way to promote tourism,to protect the environment, to enjoy sport and to improve health.

LANDE is registered with the appropriate Italian authorities and is affiliated to the CSI (Centro Sportivo Italiano).

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All active members of LANDE have a specific curriculum of all respect, which can be consulted in detail inside.

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Learn while having fun with our guides! Become autonomous in your outings by knowing: driving technique, safety, basic mechanics. Discover the courses by Lande Bike Rides.

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From the "very special" to the gravel, to the e-bike, we at LANDE bikerides will take you by the hand and guide you to discover a territory that has no secrets for us, whatever your cycling level and your interests, if it can be done on two wheels, we do it. Do you want to know the wine-growing landscapes of Monferrato and Langhe, dialogue with local producers of food and wine excellence, learn the secrets of the truffle? Do you want to ride a Mountain Bike on the best trails? Do you want to engage in crossings and multi-day on-off tours in gravel, e-bike, mtb and racing? LANDE bikerides has all the solutions in your pocket ready thanks to thirty years of experience in the world of cycling tourism.

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With a guide it is better: do not lose your way and time, an expert guide lets you live an experience without setbacks.

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Useful Information

All you need to know before, during and after a date with us.

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